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Students Welcome African Visitors

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The students and staff at Independence Middle School were pleased to welcome three visitors from Africa to their school—two from Malawi and one from South Sudan—to show them a little bit about education in America.

The visitors were part of a Presbyterian church delegation visiting the United States, and IMS Librarian Mrs. Heasley coordinated their visit to IMS.
Their first stop was the IMS Library, where they learned about all of the STEAM-themed areas located in and around the library.
Then it was up to Mrs. Evans’ Science classroom, where they had the opportunity to sit with students, who showed them the websites they created on their Chromebooks, which showcased their findings from the independent science experiments they recently completed.
Their websites depicted their original idea, how they tested that idea and what the results were from their testing. Some of the experiment topics included “Will I make more basketball shots if the rim is higher or lower?” “Will a softball travel farther if I throw it overhand or side arm?” and “Which part of my foot should I use if I want to kick a soccer ball farther?”
The visitors were extremely impressed with the students’ projects, especially Chol, who is a teacher in South Sudan. She also enjoyed conversing with IMS seventh grader Ayoub Ariouat, who originally is from Algeria, as both of them were able to converse in Arabic.
Other stops during the tour included the Music and Art Rooms.
Please click here to see some photos from their visit.