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Fourth Graders Meet A Live Eurasian Eagle Owl

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Lincoln Fourth Graders had the opportunity to meet Mr. Chibs, a six month old Eurasian Eagle Owl, raised from birth by professional bird handler Chris Davis.

This was the first school visit for Mr. Chibs, and he did very well with all of the fourth graders who assembled on the Lincoln playground to meet the world’s largest breed of owls.
His beautiful feathers belie his six pound weight as well as his six foot wing span, which he was more than willing to demonstrate to the students a couple times during his visit.
The students learned many interesting facts about Mr. Chibs. His eyes are two times the size of human eyes, and they don’t move. His head moves, but not his eyes. And the tufts on his head are not ears, they’re just tufts of feathers.
The students also learned that owls only live 10-15 years in the wild, but they can survive up to 60 years in captivity.
Mr. Davis also talked with the students about the skills they would need to be a successful bird handler, which included being good at biology and math.
At the end of his presentation, all of the students got the opportunity to pet the bird’s soft feathers on his back.
Mrs. Strotz’s students are familiar with owls, as they study owls as part of their science lessons, and dissect owl pellets to discover the bones of the animals that the owl eats. Mr. Davis explained that the owls kill their prey with their strong talons, rather than their beaks.
The students asked many good questions and were excited to be the first school to have this beautiful creature visit.  Please click here to see pictures from Mr. Chibs' visit to Lincoln.