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Homecoming 2023

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Homecoming Weekend at Bethel Park High School was an unforgettable celebration of school spirit, community, and tradition. As the air turned crisp and the school year shifted into high gear, students, alumni, and friends of the district came together for a weekend filled with vibrant festivities.
The weekend kicked off on a picturesque late September evening as Bethel Park welcomed neighboring Baldwin at the iconic Black Hawk Stadium. The excitement began with a spirited parade, which snaked its way from St. Valentine Catholic Church to the high school campus. The parade featured dazzling floats, energetic cheerleaders, and the mesmerizing rhythms of the marching band, setting the stage for an exhilarating weekend ahead.
Following the parade, all eyes turned to the gridiron as the Bethel Park Hawks faced off against the Highlanders. Bethel Park soared to an impressive 50-13 victory, sending waves of jubilation throughout the stands. The crowd's cheers and applause resonated far beyond the stadium, embodying the true essence of homecoming.
The pinnacle of the weekend came with the crowning of the Homecoming royalty. Alea Taylor was bestowed with the title of Homecoming Queen, and Bryce Clancy was crowned King, earning the admiration of their peers. Lidia Lorenzi and Tommy Smith were honored as the Princess and Prince.
In addition to the royal court, special recognition was given to the rest of this year’s Homecoming nominees: Dylan Lawton, Zane Antonich, Adam Thompson, Kylie Ackerman, Kaitlyn Becker, and Essa George.
Emma Thimons and Paul Baronak were each named this year's student Spirit Award winners, embodying the true essence of pride in attending Bethel Park High School. High school Principal Mr. Joseph Villani was present to congratulate and honor these exemplary students.
Recognizing the dedication of the school's staff, awards were presented to the High School's Health and Physical Education Department. Principal Villani commended Ms. Lisa Serafin, Ms. Linda Bruckner, Ms. Jackie O’Malley, Mr. Adam Triscila and Mr. Nick Santora for their unwavering commitment to the school's values.
As the weekend drew to a close, the high school cafeteria transformed into a magical dance floor, where students danced the night away under twinkling lights. Bethel Park High School's Homecoming Weekend was not just a tradition; it was a testament to the enduring spirit of the community, the pride of its students, and the dedication of its staff.