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Le Grand Concours

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Bethel Park High School students in French II-V participated in the 88th annual event Le Grand Concours, a competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) earlier this spring. The students took a 60-minute test which consisted of multiple-choice grammar and vocabulary questions and a listening section.

Over 43,000 elementary, middle, and high school students in all 50 states competed in the 2023 event. Bethel Park High School has 14 medal winners for students who ranked in the nation's 76th through the 99th percentile; and 19 students who earned honorable mentions for placing between the 50th and 74th percentiles.

French V:
  • Lauréat National, Bronze Medal (76th Percentile): Andrew Williams
  • Certificat d’honneur (51st Percentile): Cora Martin-Farmer 

French IV:
  • Lauréat National, Gold Medal (99th Percentile): Grace Skalniak  

French III:
  • Lauréat National, Silver Medal (91st Percentile): Maria Catana; Bronze Medal (81st Percentile): Devin Collier, Madelyn Hughes. 
  • The Certificat d’honneur winners were: (73rd to 67th Percentile) Tyler Kramer, Lyla Walsh and Katie Yonish; (65th to 50th Percentile) Amelia Lancet, Subbasri Dhandapani, Sara Walters, Charlize Donaldson and Amber Kuss  
French II:
  • Lauréat National, Silver Medal (92nd to 88th Percentile): Caroline Zelt, Lucy Martin-Farmer and Grace Perdziola; Bronze Medal (82nd to 76th Percentile): TJ Burt, Ava Cerro, Jonathan Hemphill, Elliett Briggs, Ashlyn Schmidt, Linus Truver
  • Certificat d’honneur (69th to 54th Percentile): Emma Whalen, Andrew Hughes, Danielle Whitaker, Harley Dale, Nathan George, Eleni Kretchun, Alisa Basile, Logan Flood, Joanna Little and Madison Tygart