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Egbebi, Gaston Each Named National Merit Scholarship Finalists

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Two Bethel Park High School students have been named finalists in the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Program.
Seniors Oluwatoyosi Egbebi and Lily Gaston are each candidates for a merit scholarship to be awarded later this spring.

 The prestigious scholarship is given based on test scores and other qualifications.
The process begins when students take their PSAT as a junior in high school to qualify for the recognition. Approximately 34,000 students are then chosen as Commended scholars based on those scores.

 In their senior year, 16,000 exceptional students are notified that they are semifinalists. At the end of this winter 2022, approximately 95 percent of the semifinalists were notified by mail that they had become finalists. Starting in April 2022, and continuing into May, approximately 7,500 students will be notified that they have been chosen for a Merit Scholarship.
Portraits of everyone recognized by the National Merit Scholarship program in a given year adorn the wall of the student cafeteria, along with the names of past honorees.
“I distinctly remember looking up at all of those smiling faces on the wall when I was a freshman and thinking to myself, ‘You know, I think I’d like to be up there one day, too,’” said Egbebi, who also competes on the girls tennis team. “It certainly wasn’t easy and it took a lot of hard work but fast forward four years and here I am.”
 Gaston, who starred on the girls soccer team and performs in the chamber orchestra, echoed Egbebi’s sentiments.  “It’s just a huge honor and very exciting news for me and my family,” she said. “I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for all of the support I have received over the years from my family as well as my teachers.”
 Superintendent of Schools Dr. James Walsh said, "As a District, we are obviously all very proud of Lily and Toyosi,” he said.  “They represent the very best of what Bethel Park has to offer and are emblematic of the wonderful work happening throughout our schools every single day.”
High school principal, Joseph Villani added, “Congratulations to both Lily and Toyosi for this prestigious recognition,” he said. “While this award is based on the performance of the PSAT exam, it really speaks to the endless effort and dedication they have put to their studies while at Bethel Park High School.  In addition to their phenomenal academic success, these young ladies have also exceled in athletics, the arts and in other extracurricular activities. Toyosi and Lily truly embody what it means to be a Bethel Park High School student and we could not be prouder of all their accomplishments.”
Gaston will head to Johns Hopkins University in the fall while Egbebi has not yet made her college selection. She is also considering Hopkins along with Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Brown, Duke, Case Western, Swarthmore, Northwestern, and Washington University in St. Louis, among others. They are the 161st and 162nd Bethel Park students to be so honored.

 Previous Bethel Park High School National Merit or Achievement Scholarship Finalists include:

  • Class of 2021:
     Katelyn E. Sams and Marissa G. Wycinsky

  • Class of 2018:
    Grace J. Evans
  • Class of 2017:
    Rachel N. McClaine 

  • Class of 2016:
    Emily Augustine, Jack R. Brownfield, Sean McClaine
    and Akhil Rajasekar
  • Class of 2015:
    Gabrielle M. Brookins, Steven L. Davis and Emily N. Kukan

  • Class of 2014:
    Jarrod T. Cingel
  • Class of 2013:
    Daniel J. Snyder

  • Class of 2011:
    Justin E. Fleischmann

  • Class of 2010:
    Paula P. Amin, Brian M. Brady, Robert J. Collopy and Andrew A. Pfeifer

  • Class of 2009:
    Mary M. Barr and Ryan J. Germann
  • Class of 2008:
    Roma P. Amin and Michael J. Howley 

  • Class of 2007:
    James A. Benze, Kathlene S. Joo and Mark E. Walsh 

  • Class of 2006:
    Abriham R. Bhashyam and Anthony J. Setto

  • Class of 2004:
    Joshua A. Cippel, Shantanu K. Gaur, Delbert S. Joo and Karen E. Vaughn 

  • Class of 2003:
    Daniel P. Myers

  • Class of 2002:
    Kathryn M. Holmes and Stephen D. Hussar

  • Class of 2000:
    Lynne A. McCullough and Caitlin E. Polley 

  • Class of 1999:
    Jason D. Burr  

  • Class of 1998:
    Erin L. Walsh 

  • Class of 1997:
    Joseph M. Kinast, Stephen R. Valancius and Mary E. Willard

  • Class of 1996:
    Cheryl R. Bauer, Scott J. Gregory, Jeffrey S. Irwin and Albert C. Ju

  • Class of 1995:
    Andrew P. Arnt, Amy E. Burke, Kyle L. Haden, Leslie C. Poprik, Daniel T. Valancius and Jeffery T. Wincko 

  • Class of 1994:
    Eric T. Allison, Allen D. Aloise, John A. Duberstein, Erinn L. Hutchinson, Jennifer M. Ju, David J. Kaczorowski, Adam J. Peelor and Vinod T. Rajakumar 

  • Class of 1993:
    Aimee M. Allen, Brooke L. Balta, Amy E. Bayer, Eric S. Newman
    and Seth Weidner 

  • Class of 1992:
    Patrick L. Burke, Alicia M. Huntsinger, Janice Y. Lee and J. Douglas Wright|

  • Class of 1991:
    William C. Dimmock, Elizabeth F. Hickey and David P. Williams

  • Class of 1990:
    Burke W. Kappler, Stephen J. Lopilato and Andrew R. Newman

  • Class of 1989:
    Ajit S. Ajmani, David E. Allen, Gerald L. Allison, Laura A. Amodie, Ellen M. Porter
    and Emily J. Scholle 

  • Class of 1988:
    Patrick D. Burghardt, Martha A. Fodor, William J. Laffin, Brent J. Sewall, Jennifer D. Stiver and Aaron R. Varhola 

  • Class of 1987:
    John F. Bukowski, Cynthia Capp, James A. Chokey, Sean Cooper, Suzanna E. Harter, Michele R. Sandoe, Jennifer A. Service, Jayesh S. Shah and Christopher Wilkins

  • Class of 1986:
    Susan E. Duberstein and William J. Larimer

  • Class of 1985:
    Brian T. Cooper, David C. Eby, Brian C. Kral, Steven A. Murray
    and Thomas A. Smith

  • Class of 1984:
    Marcia A. Borgarding, Julie A. Burghardt, Mary L. Camp, Michael F. Fong, Linda M. Gonzalez, Karen P. Knavish, Larry A. Lemanski and Hitesh Narain 

  • Class of 1983: 
    James J. Baer, Mark J. De Bortoli, Paul D. Debski, David J. Lanza, Jeanne Prisbylla 
    and David R. Smith 

  • Class of 1982:
    Roy K. Bartoo, Jack S. Cochrane, J. Michael Knavish, Christopher Luse, Mark Odell, Heather E. O’Shea,  Deborah M. Shaw, Andrew C. Swanson and Russell J. Walker

  • Class of 1981: 
    Dennis W. Dillon, Samuel P. Gerace, W. Thomas Minkler, Steven M. Pascal
    and Daniel S. Swanson

  • Class of 1980:
    Daniel R. Burghardt, Michael F. Foster, Paul S. Fuller, Susan C. Lewis, Clinton L. Loper, Maryann Russell and Maureen A. Sweeney 

  • Class of 1979:
    Martin A. Ross and William E. Shank 

  • Class of 1978:
    Denise D. Ahlquist, Joseph M. Smith, Carol F. Stickley and John C. Tang 

  • Class of 1977:
    Teresa A. Benjamin, Bennett E. Howser, Karen A. Kilp, William S. Mondora, John L. Porter and Thomas O. Rieley 

  • Class of 1976:
    Lawrence A. Meinert, Robert E. Stockdale
    and Paul T. Weimer

  • Class of 1975:
    Michael C. Benjamin, Harry L. Coleman, Stephen M. Ising, Lyn M. Owens and Sheryl L. Sauer

  • Class of 1974:
    Jon S. Eager, Susan J. Wagner and Robert A. Welsh