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Second Graders Develop A Growth Mindset

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Second Graders in Mrs. Schall 's room are learning to develop a Growth Mindset through STEM Fairy Tales! 
The students read the fairy tale, "The Elf and the Shoemaker," and discussed how the elf had a "growth mindset" and never gave up.  On the other hand, the shoemaker had a "fixed mindset" and wanted to give up when all of the leather was gone for making shoes.
The students created a flip book to accompany the fairy tale, which really enforced the concept of growth mindset vs. fixed mindset.
They were divided into groups of three and were given felt, foil, cardboard, construction paper, masking tape, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, pipe cleaners, straws and scissors and were challenged to make a new shoe using only these items.
They planned out their shoes by drawing a diagram first, then they started assembling.  Along the way they made the necessary adjustments to ensure success.  It was interesting to see that the groups created completely different shoes and they all worked!
The students had fun participating in this creative project!  Please click here to see some of their creations.