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National Honor Society Inducts 96 New Members

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Bethel Park High School’s Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 96 students on April 25, including one senior, 19 juniors and 76 sophomores.

Students were selected because they embody the four pillars of the National Honor Society—Character, Scholarship (including a 3.85 GPA), Leadership and Service (including 35 hours of community service in the year prior to induction).
Inducted were senior Michaela Isenberg, and juniors Tyler Andreis, Jeffrey Bele, LaNora Barber, Lance Chorney, Kaylee Coblentz, Natalie Farmerie, Andrew Garland, Ariana Guerra, Brenna Manko, Maggie Marsteller, Connor Price, Emma Puzausky, Madalynn Rago, Nicole Reilly, Eve Rosemeier, Nolan Roth, Christopher Toth, Anton Yanovich and Jenelle Wu.
Sophomores inducted included Jessica Abraham, Connor Anderson, Jessica Ashton, Lauren Bader, Grace Bair, Madison Becker, Evan Bromley, Aaliyah Brown, Alexander Brownfield, Alexis Bruckner, Sydney Burns, Juliana Carbone, Joseph Cardamone, Cole Carter, Matthew Casaldi, Andrew Cassano, Jenna Chernicky, Marissa Christenson, Adam Collier, Lindsay Cook, Hannah Crawford, Matthew Delach, Jenna DeTesta, Sebastian DiPrampero and Thomas DiRenzo.
Also inducted were sophomores, Marissa Disori, Samuel Donaldson, Madelyn Dziezgowski, Dominique Eckley, Brian Einhaus, Roma Eisel, Kaitlyn Faber, Ryan Ferris, Joseph Fertal, Xavier Gaefke, Sophia Galietta, Sarah Gilliam, Hannah Gold, Olivia Greene, Kira Greer, John Gummo, Kayla Hare, Marissa Haunn, Molly Hoffman, Claudia Huber, Logan Huwe, Maura James, Brandon Janus, Miranda Johns, Alyssa Kane and Alexis Kiesling.
Additionally, sophomores Kevin Kogler, Melody Kusan, Tyler Kvak, Mallory Locke, Sarah Long, Patrick May, Madelyn Marzina, Luke McLinden, Ryan McLinden, Jared Miller, Benjamin Minick, Camden Morgan, Lauren Mullen, Natalie Nerone, Isabella Nowozeniuk, Jordan Rogers, Caleb Shook, Alex Sodini, Tianna Torles, Mark Vighetti, Caitlin Wahal, Meghan Wahal, Nicholas Walker, Haley Zevola and Lily Wilson were inducted.
The Keynote Speaker was Jennifer Meridan, a visual artist, educator and self-taught naturalist based in Pittsburgh, who spoke about how the four pillars of the National Honor Society impacts her life as a creative artist.  She described character as something that is shaped by choice and built through adversity.  She encouraged the students to use rejection as energy.  She said that service is a responsibility and told the audience to listen to the world and reach out the community to see what's needed, because service is a universal need.  She also encouraged the students to use scholarship as a fuel to do great things.  When speaking about leadership, she cautioned that the desire for importance could lead to selfishness.  To combat that, she suggested to be first in love and to lead with love and humility.
Also speaking on the four pillars of the National Honor Society were seniors Avery Hill (Character), who said that choosing to do the right thing builds character; Lizzi Hartnett (Scholarship), who said that scholarship was not defined by a QPA, but could only be reached by the pursuit of whatever it is that you are passionate about;  Nathan Cassano (Leadership), who said that leadership is not for telling others what to do, but it's the ability to listen and empower others to do great things; and Jacob Cunningham (Service), who encouraged the new inductees to get involved, lend a hand and make a difference.
Adam Kusluch is the Chapter’s President for the 2017-2018 school year and Bethel Park High School Science Teacher Sean O’Brien is the Chapter’s Adviser.
Please click here to see some photos from this year's induction ceremony.