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Drop Off Procedures

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For the safety of all children and parents in the Memorial Parking Lot, please remember to REDUCE your speed while dropping off or picking up your children at school.

Particularly in the morning, there are some drivers who are accelerating rapidly between the speed bumps.  Please take into consideration that there are many children who are coming and going from vehicles.  Many of these children are too small to be easily seen.

The new system of dropping off on the side of the building was established by the school and police to reduce congestion and eliminate children crossing in front of the buses that are exiting the circle in front of the school.  Please be respectful of the rules that are in place and avoid dropping children off near the circle.

Please follow these rules for DROP OFF:

*  Pull up to the side door to allow children to exit.  Make sure the side door is in site before allowing your child to exit the vehicle.

*  If possible, have your child exit the vehicle on the RIGHT SIDE to avoid having children exit into oncoming traffic.

* Make sure your child enters the school before pulling away, especially if there is no teacher waiting at the door.  There will be a teacher at the door until 9:20 AM.  If there is no teacher at the door, then your child is late.

*  Continue to the back of the parking lot to turn around and come back to exit.  Maintain a safe speed through the parking lot at all times.


Please understand that these rules were established to ensure the safety of your child and all children entering the school.