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Study & Test-Taking Tips

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Study & Test-Taking Tips

Study Tips

Use a planner or a calendar that list upcoming tests & quizzes. Before each new school week, review the calendar and make a study plan. For example, if the test is on Thursday, begin studying on Monday night.

Do not wait until the last minute to study. Study and review a little each night.

Find a study place where you can concentrate and not be distracted. Clear a work space. Use a comfortable chair, and have all study materials that you'll need.

Use index cards as study tools. For example, write the question on the front of the card and the answer on the back.

Use highlighters to highlight key information in your notes.

Try using acronyms to memorize certain facts.

Tape record yourself reading your notes or book and play it back.

Make sure that you take study breaks, eat healthy snacks, and get plenty of rest.

Test Tips

Use relaxation techniques to calm yourself.
* Wear loose, comfortable clothes. * Tighten the muscles in your toes. Hold for a count of ten. Relax. * Move slowly up through your body- legs, abdomen, back, neck, & face- contracting and relaxing muscles as you go. * Breathe slowly and deeply. * Try to ignore the clock and those around you.

Be prepared, not scared. Don't place too much pressure on yourself or worry about failing.

Don't worry about competing with others. Simply concentrate on doing your best.

Have confidence in yourself. Don't get in the habit of having low expectations. Effective studying gives you confidence.

When taking the test, focus on the test, not on other thoughts.

For each negative thought you have about the test or your ability, come up with a rational counter-thought.


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