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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Parents who want to receive general information texts about IMS Activities can do so with Remind.  Please click here to learn more. 

•AV Club
Meets Monday-Friday before and during Homeroom
Sponsor: Mr. Richert and Mr. Connolly
The AV Club meets daily during Homeroom to produce videos for the morning news programs.  Activities include:

•Production of the Morning News program.
•Produce special interest segments to air during homeroom.  These include promotional programming along with entertainment segments.
•Video coverage of the Drama Club production.
•Production of the End of the Year Video.

Art Club
Meets Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 through the end of May
Sponsor: Mrs. Whitaker

The Art Club allows students who are interested in the visual arts some added exposure and time to create some new art work.  The student is required to bring three pieces of art work to their first meeting, which may be from previous years or something current, and may be in the form of drawing, painting, 3-D or photographs of their work.  All talent levels are permitted!

Some of the projects for this year’s club include a tile mural in the art room, a stretched canvas painting, a batik fabric design, a painted mural and small pencil drawings.

Each project will take multiple sessions to complete, so the student will need to be committed to finishing the project.  Students may sign up for a specific project and/or all of the projects.  Art Club is open to seventh and eighth grade students.

 Bring A Smile To The Service
Sponsor: Mrs. Makel

Bring a Smile to the Service is a group of IMS students who recognize the everyday heroes of our country. They realize that these men and women are dedicated and committed to their task at hand, defending our country and keeping us safe. The students volunteer their time to write letters and send packages to soldiers deployed overseas. Soldiers are selected two ways: recommendations (if there is a known BP soldier deployed or a family member of an IMS student, they will take priority). Or soldiers are selected using the website anysoldier.com. Depending on the soldier’s preferred contact, the students will email weekly or try to send written letters frequently. They send packages at least once a month, if not more. The items send depend on the soldier’s needs.

If you would like to recommend a soldier/Marine or are interested in joining the group, please email imsbringasmile@gmail.com.

•Drama Club

Meets weekly
Sponsors: Mrs. Quinque, Mr. Petrossi and Mr. Schilling
The Drama Club meets to help students learn acting techniques, including but not limited to: stage positions, vocalization, presentation, stage presence and dramatization.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to audition for next year's performance.  All students are able to participate in the performance as actors, dancers, singers, choreographers, student-directors or crew, make-up, costume, publicity, and photography.

Once the show is cast, students will need to make a commitment to meet regularly to prepare for two performances in March, including Club Meetings, Auditions, Rehearsals and Practices and the Spring Performance.

• Literary Magazine
Meets once a week
Sponsor: Ms. Miskis 

The Literacy Magazine meets weekly to encourage students to write, illustrate, edit and publish a literary magazine, Just Write.  Students write original poems, stories and essays during meetings and are able to blog from home.  Writers have the opportunity to discuss techniques and inspire each other with ideas.  Artists and photographers illustrate written works. Students also enjoy time socializing together.  Students who cannot attend meetings can still participate in this activity by using the blog.

•Handbell Choir
Meets once a week after school until 3:30 PM
Sponsor: Mr. McDowell
The IMS Handbell Choir meets weekly after school until 4 PM.  Regular meetings will begin in January, due to scheduling conflicts in the fall.  Because a majority of its members participate in other after school activities, rehearsal times are adjusted as needed to give all students the opportunity to explore multiple extra-curricular options.

Handbell Choir provides an opportunity for students to experience a small, unique music ensemble.  The Choir is comprised of 10-15 students who each have an assigned part.  Some of these parts work together to create one melodic line, while other parts provide a harmonic accompaniment.  Because the success of a piece depends on how well all of the individual parts merge together, this type of performing forces the students to rely a great deal on others and also to take personal responsibility for his/her own role.  In addition to learning various playing techniques and reinforcing the concepts of rhythm and dynamics, students learn teamwork and build working relationships through making beautiful music.

Handbell Choir performances may vary from year to year but may include all 7th and 8th grade concerts as well as outside performing opportunities.

Meets twice a week
Sponsors: Ms. Girman and Mrs. Hursky 
HOTT stands for Homework Over Time Team.  This is an after school program that meets on Mondays and Wednesdays until 4 PM and is designed to help students who are having difficulty completing their homework.  Items addressed during the sessions include: helping students to stay on task, completing their assignments and using agendas to get organized.  While not a tutoring program, assistance is provided with work when needed.  An after school snack is provided, as is transportation home.

Students are placed in the program based on referrals from staff members, parent requests and student self-referrals.  Once enrolled, regular attendance and proper behavior are mandatory.

•Science Club
Meets Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30
Sponsor: Mrs. Evams
The Science Club provides students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of science competitions held throughout the Pittsburgh region during the school year.

Some of the activities include:

•PJAS (Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Regional Competition)
•Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair
•Science Fair
•PJAS State Competition

•Stage Band
Sponsor: Mr. Petrossi 

The Stage Band meets four times a week.  It is open to students who would like to play various musical styles, including rock, jazz and Latin.  This ensemble has the instrumentation of the sax family, trumpets, trombones, piano, guitar, bass and drums.

The Stage Band will perform at various assemblies and special community events throughout the year.

•Stage Crew
Meets monthly and as needed
Sponsor:  Mr. Schilling
The Stage Crew introduces students to the workings of the stage from the back of the house.  Students will learn the intricate workings of the backstage area, including the aspects of sound and lighting.  Hands-on training will occur in the areas of set design, set construction and backdrop manipulation. Students will also have the opportunity to work backstage at the various events that take place in the IMS auditorium, including the yearly IMS Drama Club production.

•Student Council
Meets twice a month for entire Council and everyday (homeroom) for the officers
Sponsor: Mrs. Makel
Student Council provides opportunities for students to obtain and demonstrate leadership/responsibility qualities.  Students participate in a variety of activities:

•  Membership to the PASC (Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils)
•  Attending Leadership Conferences
•  Involvement with Community (Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Luncheon, guest speakers, visiting nursing homes, reading to the elementary schools, etc.)
•  Organizing fundraisers (dances, candy grams, etc.) to benefit student activities at IMS and other charities
• Yearbook
Meets twice a week
Sponsors: Mrs. Campagna and Mr. Connolly
Students on the yearbook staff will help to design the yearbook cover and pages.  They will incorporate a theme throughout the pages.  The students will learn to use the web program, Walsworth Yearbooks.  Students must attend school functions and take photographs.  Other activities planned include:

•Take photographs throughout the school year
•Meet with the representative from Walsworth Yearbooks
•Learn the new Walsworth pages
•Advertise for the club
•Advertise for cover drawings
•Have cover submitted by October 31

• Club Spirit
Meets at least once per month
Sponsors: Ms. Adamski and Mr. Yakelis 

Club Spirit is open to all seventh and eighth grade students.  The group's credo is a drug-free philosophy.  Friendships are forged in the education of how to say no to drugs and become socially conscious of community needs.  Activities include:

•Caring Team Kickoff at Heinz Field
•Sarris Fund Raising
•New Member Induction
•Community Day Participation
•Drug Awareness Week Participation
•Speaker and Kickoff Food Drive
•Food Packing at the Fire Station
•Fund Raiser Delivery
•Speaker and Pizza Party
•Play Introduction
•Speaker and Puppeteering Techniques
•Practice Plays

• The Middle School Messenger--school newspaper
Meets weekly
Sponsors: Ms. Heasley
The Middle School Messenger will introduce students to journalism and the production, layout and design of a newspaper.  Students will create four or more issues of the school newspaper, The Middle School Messenger.  They will be involved in article assignments, writing, photography, layout and distribution, along with the various writing contests run by the paper.  Basic journalism skills, including interviewing, will be discussed during the year.

World Savers--recycling
Meets daily
Sponsor: Mr. Yakelis

World Savers is a great way for 7th and 8th graders to "Go Green."  During homeroom every day, students can help save the world by collecting recycled paper from teachers' classrooms, sorting out batteries, ink cartridges, cell phones and pop cans to be recycled.  World Savers is a fun way to get to know about recycling and to persuade and encourage others to do their part in the community.  On Wednesdays during Sustained Silent Reading, students can learn more about recycling and going green by researching and reading about it.  Students will be amazed to learn about the many things recycled materials are made of.  World Savers helps students see that they can save the earth one step at a time.