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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Superintendent Goals

2021-2022 Superintendent’s Goals

STUDENT GROWTH AND ACHIEVEMENT - The Superintendent will lead the District’s overall improvement efforts.  Specifically, for 2021-22, the Superintendent will lead the implementation and evaluation of the District’s new Strategic Plan and the goals for curriculum and instruction.

ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP – The Superintendent will effectively direct the operations of the district to achieve optimal effectiveness. Specifically, for 2021-22, the Superintendent will:

       °  Maintain a focus on the vision for the District to be “best in class.”
       °  Identify and rectify problems affecting the District’s ability to be “best in class.”
       °  Work collaboratively with the administrative team to ensure best practices for instruction, professional\
          development and curriculum development are being utilized.

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - The Superintendent will make optimal use of the personnel in the organization.  Specifically, for 2021-22 the Superintendent will develop the skills of the administrative leadership team, particularly those new to their positions, to achieve their building or department goals and grow as educational leaders.

DISTRICT OPERATIONS AND FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP – The Superintendent will preserve the approved financial limits established by the Board's adopted budget. Specifically, for 2021-22, The Superintendent will shepherd the process of moving the District forward for achieving the facilities and infrastructure goals established by the Strategic Plan

COMMUNICATIONS AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS – The Superintendent will communicate with and effectively engages the Board, the staff and members of the community.  Specifically, for 2021-22, the Superintendent will:

       °  Clearly articulate widely the District goals and priorities in the new Strategic Plan.
       °  Build support for the District’s initiatives, programs and ideas in the new Strategic Plan.