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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

School Board

The Bethel Park Board of School Directors
The Bethel Park Board of School Directors


The Bethel Park Board of School Directors consists of nine (9) individuals who are elected at large by the citizens of Bethel Park. School Board members are both state and local officials. Though elected locally, they serve on behalf of the Pennsylvania state legislature. Each director serves without compensation for a term of four (4) years.

The Board of School Directors' primary responsibilities include:

  • Provide for the education of all children
  • Set district policies and regulations regarding school activities
  • Adopt textbooks
  • Hire a superintendent, principals, teachers, and other staff
  • Adopt an annual school district budget
  • Levy taxes

Other Information

  • If you are a Bethel Park Homeowner who has not completed a Homestead/Farmstead application, we encourage you to do so.  If you have previously completed an application, you do not need to so again.   Homeowners who completed their application will see a $166.09 reduction on their 2018-2019 school property tax bill.  If you haven't filled out an application, it is too late to receive the reduction for this school year, but if you fill out a form, you will be eligible for a Homestead/Farmstead Exemption next year.  To learn more and to download an application, please click here.


  • BPTV videotapes the Regular Meetings and airs them on Comcast Channel 17 and Verizon Channel 31 six days a week.  Please click here for a list of air times and scheduling.  BPTV also posts videos of the meeting videos on You Tube.  Please click here for the You Tube Channel.   


  • The Bethel Park Board of School Directors will allow public comments at its monthly Committee Meetings. Comments at the beginning of Committee and Regular Meetings will be accepted on agenda items only, and there will be an opportunity to address the Board at the end of the meeting on non-agenda items. Speakers will have two minutes to address the Board and must preface their comments with their name and address. Topics for remarks at any School Board Meeting should be directed toward school operations or school programs. Complaints about school personnel or comments that may implicate a potential disciplinary response will not be discussed at public sessions. Non-residents who wish to address the Board can do so by submitting a request form prior to the meeting, which can be obtained at the District’s Administration Building. Please click here to see the Board policy associated with Public Participation in Board Meetings.


  • To contact the Bethel Park Board of School Directors via email, click on School Board Members and you will find all of the contact information for the Board. The Board requests that all correspondence, whether by email or traditional mail, include the sender’s name, address and phone number. 
Latest News
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School Board Meeting Logo Oct. 27: School Board Meeting
The Bethel Park Board of School Directors will hold its second of two monthly meetings on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held virtually. Click here to learn how you can join in.
Polling Sites Bethel Park School District Polling Locations
Bethel Park High School will NOT serve as a voting site in this year's elections, scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 3.  However, five other district sites will serve as polling locations.

Return to School School Board Adopts Safe Return to School Plan
On Sept. 29, at a special meeting for general purposes, the Bethel Park School District board of school directors adopted the administration's Safe Return to School plan.
Residential Assessment Appeal Information
Please click here to learn more about the conditions under which the Bethel Park School District will file an appeal on residential property assessments.  
Circuit Riders Logo Learn More About PA School Funding
Please click here to learn more about how schools in Pennsylvania are funded.
Board Passes Cyber/Charter School Reform Resolution
The Bethel Park Board of School Directors passed a resolution calling for the reform of the Commonwealth's Charter and Cyber Charter School Funding.
Upcoming Meetings
All meetings will be held in the Community Room of the Administration Building (301 Church Road) unless indicated otherwise.  The public is invited to attend all of these meetings.
Contact Us
You can email the entire Board at [email protected].  Please include your name, address and contact information.
Public Comments During School Board Meetings
As of Oct. 20, 2020, Bethel Park School District has changed its public comments procedure to test if we can make this process more efficient for the community. To comment during a public meeting of the Bethel Park board of school directors, please click this link. Only those who include their name, address, and confirmation of residency will be permitted to comment in public meetings.
Important Information
On Sept. 29, 2020, at a special meeting for general purposes, the Bethel Park School District board of school directors adopted the district's Safe Return to School plan.
Approved by the Bethel Park Board of School Directors on August 4, 2020.