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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Marketing and Distributive Education

Bethel Park School District Marketing and Distributive Education Curriculum

Today’s business environment is highly competitive and demands skilled employees whether it is in a corporate setting, self-employment, or a small business. To achieve success in the workforce the student must deal with the fast-paced world of business that requires decision-making, problem solving, and interaction with diverse groups of people. They will be dealing with employees, managers, customers and clients.

The U.S. Department of Labor report, What Work Requires of Schools: A SCANS Report for 2000, The National Marketing Education Standards and the Pa Department of Education Standards have been examined and integrated into the Marketing curriculum. The program deals with principles, concepts, attitudes, and skills necessary to prepare people to work and advance in marketing occupations. Therefore, the primary purpose of the Marketing department is to help young people develop those skills and the knowledge necessary for success upon entering the workforce directly from high school or to provide a firm foundation for students choosing to further their education in marketing and business.


The marketing curriculum features a state approved vocational education program of instruction which enables students to study various functions of marketing in relation to their specific career interests. Participation in marketing courses also provides students with the opportunities to write a resume, utilize computer skills, refine communication and public speaking skills, simulate career or college interviews and exercise knowledge and skills gained through on-the-job work experiences. Additionally, students enrolled in marketing courses are eligible for membership in the local, state, and national student vocational organization, DECA. Membership enables students to enhance career objectives, showcase their leadership abilities and vocational academic achievements, and can also lead to scholarship opportunities.

Jill Simpson
Distributive Education Facilitator

High School Marketing and Distributive Education:

Marketing activities are found in every type of business from retail stores to the doctor’s office, the engineer’s lab and the sports and entertainment field. Students will learn the benefits of marketing to our society and to them personally. The courses within this department feature the examination of fundamental business, management, and entrepreneurial concepts that affect business decision-making. Students are also able to participate in part-time employment opportunities which are directly related to their classroom instruction. Opportunities are also available for students to complete a required senior project.

Course Offerings:

Introduction to Marketing
Grade 9-12
Level 1-3
Full Year Course – 1 Credit
Prerequisite: None

Marketing is an essential function in the operation of a business and in our economy. Students will better understand the role of marketing by exploring its functions; marketing information management, product/service management, pricing, distribution, promotion and selling. They will also be introduced to basic marketing concepts including the marketing mix and target marketing. Students will apply these basic marketing concepts to various businesses and organizations. Students will also improve their own self-marketing skills. They will explore the many career opportunities available in this broad field of study through career exploration and aptitude assessments. Students will exit the class with the skills to find job leads, complete applications and interview for a career or college with a resume in hand. Students will acquire skills in computer application programs including word processing, presentation and desktop publishing as they integrate each in class assignments. This course is recommended for students considering a Marketing/Business Major in college and can be used to fulfill the senior project requirement.

Market Theory
Grade 10-12
Level 1-3
Full Year Course – 1 Credit
Prerequisite: Introduction to Marketing

The Market Theory course is offered to students who have previously completed the Introduction to Marketing course. The focus of this course is to introduce students to the skills necessary to obtain management positions or to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. As part of their marketing management role, students will be challenged to make tough decisions regarding risk management, examine legal and economic implications of product pricing and provide strategies for training new employees. This course will require students to create a promotional plan for an actual product or service which includes the coordination of advertising, sales promotions and public relations activities. Additional computer skills will be acquired using word processing, database, presentation, spreadsheet and desktop publishing software programs. This course can be used to fulfill the senior project requirement.

Marketing Seminar
Grade 11-12
Level 1-3
Full Year Course – 1 Credit
Prerequisite: Market Theory

The Marketing Seminar course is offered to students who have previously completed two years in the Marketing Program. Marketing Seminar will introduce students to various marketing strategies which are utilized by businesses to identify and manage their product and marketing mixes. Students begin the year by conducting a marketing research project which mirrors a college level project. The project entails students to uncover a marketing problem for their client, develop a sampling plan, select a data collection method, collect the data, analyze the data using Microsoft Excel, write a final report with recommendations and present the information to the client. Other major areas of study include new product development, managing a product at different stages of the product life cycle, branding and packaging strategies, international marketing and Internet marketing. This course can be used to fulfill the senior project requirement.

Marketing Cooperative Work Experience
Grade 11-12
Level 1-3
Full Year Course – 1 Credit
Prerequisite: Introduction to Marketing

Students are placed in training stations according to their career objective in the field of marketing and distribution. Since marketing is briefly defined as all those activities that take place between the producer and consumer, the students have a wide variety of business situations in which to apply the principles learned in the classroom to the work place. Some typical placements include sales associates, customer service representatives, and logistics and inventory personnel. This course provides the student with one credit for on-the-job work experience related to the classroom instruction. They will be under the supervision of their teacher coordinator and their immediate training supervisor. Training sites much adhere to all state and federal laws and students will receive payment in accordance with at least the minimum wage standards.

Informational note regarding related activity:

DECA, An Association of Marketing Students

Students in the marketing courses are eligible for membership in the local, state, and national student vocational organization, DECA. DECA is designed to enhance a specific career objective in marketing, management, business, or distribution. DECA activities provide students with an opportunity to develop and showcase their leadership abilities and vocational academic achievements as well as develop their social skills. DECA members are encouraged to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a variety of competitive events, beginning with their local chapter followed by state and national competitions. The Pennsylvania chapter of DECA awarded over $5,000.00 in scholarships last year and the national organization presented students with over $40,000.00 in competitive event awards and over $250,000.00 in scholarships. Bethel Park students have been awarded $1,000.00 in each of the past three years.