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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

IMS Music

Independence Middle School Music
Three students holding horns
"The period represented by grades 5-8 is especially critical in a student's musical development.  The music they perform or study often becomes an integral part of their personal music repertoire.  Composing and improvising provide students with unique insight into the form and structure of music and at the same time help them to develop their creativity.  Broad experience with a variety of music is necessary if students are to make informed judgments.  Similarly, this breadth of background enables them to begin to understand the connections and relationships between music and other disciplines.  By understanding the cultural and historical forces that shape social attitudes and behaviors, students are better prepared to live and work in communities that are increasingly multicultural.  The role that music will play in students' lives depends in large measure on the level of skills they achieve in creating, performing and listening to music." 

                                       --Music Educators National Conference

Middle level students continue to participate in a required general music curriculum that meets these objectives.  Fifth through eighth grade students also have the option to pursue musical studies within the Orchestra/Strings or the Concert Band/Wind and Percussion Programs.


Handbell Choir

Meets once a week after school until 4 PM
Sponsor: Mr. McDowell

The IMS Handbell Choir meets weekly after school until 4 PM.  Because a majority of its members participate in other after school activities, rehearsal times are adjusted as need to give all students the opportunity to explore multiple extracurricular options.

Handbell Choir provides an opportunity for students to experience a small, unique music ensemble.  The Choir is comprised of 10-15 students who each have an assigned part.  Some of these parts work together to create one melodic line, while other parts provide a harmonic accompaniment.

Because the success of a piece depends on how well all of the individual parts merge together, this type of performing forces the students to rely a great deal on others and also to take personal responsibility for their own roles.

In addition to learning various playing techniques and reinforcing the concepts of rhythm and dynamics, students learn teamwork and build working relationships through making beautiful music.

Stage Band

Sponsor: Mr. Petrossi

The Stage Band meets four times a week.  It is open to students who would like to play various musical styles, including rock, jazz and Latin.  This ensemble has the instrumentation of the sax family, trumpets, trombones, piano, guitar, bass and drums.

The Stage Band will perform at various assemblies and special community events throughout the year.

IMS Music Staff

Mr. Michael Petrossi
7th/8th Grade Band Director
Stage Band Director
Music Department Facilitator
7th/8th Grade Choral Director
IMS Singers
7th/8th Grade Orchestra Director
8th Grade General Music
Handbell Director
7th Grade General Music