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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Guidance Groups

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Guidance Groups
Student support groups are offered throughout the school year as part of the counseling program.  Student support groups provide an opportunity for additional personal and social skill building.  They provide a chance for students to share, to be a part, to feel special, and to increase their sense of belonging.  Working with the students in a closer group relationship allows the counselor to gain better insight into strengths and weaknesses of the child and allows the opportunity to see the child relating in a school setting.

The school counselor, teachers, administrators, students, and/or parents/guardians can refer students for group.  Groups are listed below and are held during the school year.  Groups run once a week for 6-8 weeks during lunch periods.  Parent permission is required for all students to attend group. 

Getting the Grrr’s Out--Anger Management
Feeling angry or mad at times is a natural, normal part of life. However, to be successful in life we need to learn how to manage and deal with our angry feelings in an appropriate way. Activities will focus on exploring anger and learning skills for self-control and frustration reduction.

Chillax--Anxiety Group
Learn how to put your worries and anxieties in perspective so you can better relax, learn, and have fun with friends. If you worry a lot, are hesitant to try new experiences, sometimes seem anxious, have a lot of fears, or make frequent trips to the nurse for headaches and tummy aches, this is the group for you.  This group can offer support, understanding, and coping strategies in a fun, safe environment.

F.I.S.H.--Families in Separate Homes  
Are your parents divorced or separated? Have mom and dad remarried?  Are there new siblings in your life?  Come meet other students who are going through a similar experience. You are not the only kid with divorced or separated parents.  Come join a great support system among friends.

Memory Makers--Grief, Loss, Trauma Groups
Dealing with loss and trauma finds its way into the lives of all of us. While each person has their own individual response to death, this group provides a supportive environment to assist with the healing process.  Come explore feelings of grief/loss through the use of books, art, and sharing activities. Participants work on a memory book to take home at the end of the group.

Come learn basic social skills and how to handle social situations.  Improve your ability to communicate more appropriately with others. Learn how to keep personal space, improve your manners, and understand empathy toward others.  Making and keeping friends will also be explored.

Proud to be Me--Self Esteem Group
Improve your confidence and gain an awareness of your unique abilities and talents.  Practice decision making and coping skills for handling challenges.

Let’s Be Friends--Making and Keeping Friends
Want to make new friends?  Not sure how to?  Maybe you have lost touch with some old friends, and would like to reconnect.  Then this group is for you.  You may meet a new friend or see an old one.

Skills for Success
Have trouble remembering your homework?  Keep forgetting to take your work home? Is it hard to find things in your bedroom? Do you keep asking to go to your locker to get your materials? Do you need help studying for tests? Want help improving your grades? If you participate in this group you will learn how to be more successful at school and home. 

Salvaging Sisterhood
GIRLS ONLY GROUP--This group is designed to raise awareness, develop empathy, teach healthy conflict, explore feelings, and promote a positive change in female relationships.