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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Frequently Asked Questions



What is Bethel Park Online Academy?  Bethel Park Online Academy is an Internet-based program that delivers curriculum and instruction via the internet and a computer.  Classes are asynchronous.  This means that students can access these classes anytime.

What grade levels are serviced through Bethel Park Online Academy?  Students in grades K-12 will be able to enroll in the online academy.

How would my child benefit from attending Bethel Park Online Academy?  The benefits of participating in the Bethel Park Online Academy are numerous.  We offer flexible scheduling and access to Bethel Park School District extra-curricular activities and school-sponsored events.  In addition, Bethel Park Online Academy students graduate with a Bethel Park School District diploma.

What are the activities that my child would have access to if enrolled in Bethel Park Online Academy?  Bethel Park Online Academy students can participate in all of the extracurricular and school-sponsored activities that are available for students at all levels.  Bethel Park Online Academy students may participate with age-appropriate groups.

Is there a cost for my child to attend Bethel Park Online Academy?  Bethel Park Online Academy is an online curriculum delivery system.  Since it is part of the public school district, there is no tuition for Bethel Park residents.  However there will be occasions when cyber courses must be paid for by the family.  These include courses outside of the Bethel Park curriculum, courses exceeding 8 credits , and credit recovery courses.

Is the curriculum accredited?  Yes, Bethel Park Online Academy courses are aligned to the PA State Standards and are taught by PA certified teachers.

How much time will my child spend doing school work during the day/year?  Bethel Park Online Academy follows the school district’s calendar.  Students in grades K-6 are required to complete 900 hours of instruction and students in grades 7-12 are required to complete 990 hours of instruction.  We understand that students work at different paces based on their academic ability.  It is recommended that students spend approximately one hour on each subject per day, which is about five hours per day for a 5-day week.  With flexible scheduling, this may be stretched over 7 days.  Please note that cyber courses are not extended past the school year.

How will my child’s progress be reported?  Bethel Park Online Academy embraces the philosophy that online courses should be as rigorous as those taken in the school buildings.  These courses will prepare our online students for college.  All credits earned in the Bethel Park Online Academy will be recorded as part of each high school student’s official Bethel Park School District transcript.  Program enrollment will be coded by homeroom assignment and course section number ONLY in the district’s internal database.

What I am required to do if my child attends Bethel Park Online Academy?  Bethel Park Online Academy parents are asked to maintain a positive learning environment for their children.  In an online environment, this means monitoring their attention to their work, communicating with the program facilitator as well as the teachers and helping to keep the computer equipment in good working order.

What are the requirements for graduation?  In order to earn a Bethel Park School District diploma, Bethel Park Online Academy students must meet the same graduation requirements.  







Social Studies


Physical Education







Fine / Practical Arts 

(Art, Music, Family & Consumer Sciences, Marketing, Business, Career & Technical Education)









  • Admission to Grade 9 is based on the satisfactory completion of the curriculum of the middle school grades.


Graduation is determined on successful completion of total credit requirements, typical credit progression and grade promotion is as follows:


  • Satisfactory completion of 6.5 credits will be classified as a sophomore.        

  • Satisfactory completion of 13 credits will be classified as a junior.        

  • Satisfactory completion of 20 credits will be classified as a senior.    


To be considered a full-time student, a student must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 courses, per semester.  The only exception is for seniors and is detailed on page 14 of the CSG.


**Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Pennsylvania includes the Future-Ready PA Index.  The index includes a career portfolio, compiled through a student’s academic career.  

Is there a graduation ceremony?  Bethel Park Online Academy graduates may participate in the Bethel Park School District graduation ceremony in June.