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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Bethel Park School District seeks to create and maintain a welcoming and accepting school environment where all students are encouraged, valued and supported equitably in their learning and their ability to advocate for themselves, their culture, their beliefs and capabilities.

Core Beliefs and Values

  • We believe diversity makes our schools, students, staff and community better.
  • We value the beliefs, cultures, and abilities of all students.
  • We commit to providing equity in educational opportunities and experiences for all students.
  • We will work to ensure that Bethel Park educational programs, policies, and curriculum reflect and include students of all beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • We will encourage innovation in the educational system to prepare all students to excel in both local and global communities.

Contact Information:

James Walsh

David Muench

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Resources from PDE
There can sometimes be misconceptions regarding "equity." BPSD has defined educational equity as working to remove barriers so that ALL students can succeed. Here are some more FAQs to help you better understand the task force's purpose.
Important Definitions
To help further clarify any potential misunderstandings regarding the important issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Belonging and Inclusion group has defined a number of terms to help you better understand the task force's core mission.