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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Diversified Occupations

Bethel Park School District Diversified Occupations Curriculum


To help Bethel Park High School Seniors bridge the gap between high school and the world of work by providing them a better understanding of today’s work-based learning concepts and strategies to advance in today’s competitive job market.


Diversified Occupations is a vocational cooperative education program available to high school seniors.  The academic and career objectives of each student are used to guide the process of career planning and acquisition.  Classroom theory is applied to employment experiences throughout the school year to enable students to develop and refine the skills necessary to maintain employment.

Jill Simpson
Diversified Occupations Curriculum Facilitator

High School Diversified Occupations:

Students participating in the Diversified Occupations program attend required academic classes and the work-theory class.  They are then scheduled for an early release to report to their employer for the work experience.  Therefore, Diversified Occupations is a two-credit course; one credit is for the related theory class and the other is for the cooperative work experience.  In order to receive the two credits, students must enroll in and pass both the theory class and the cooperative work experience.

Course Offerings:

Diversified Occupations
Grade 12
Level 1-3
Full Year Course – 2 Credits
Prerequisite:  None

The Diversified Occupations program combines “school-based” classroom study in work orientation (job readiness, employability skills, career objective development, and consumer skills) with “work-based” on-the-job career preparation at a training site in government, business, or industry.  This program involves a planned partnership with specified connecting activities and responsibilities among the student-learner, parents, school, and employer, and is for 12th grade students only.

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