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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Career/Technical Education


Bethel Park School District

This program will prepare students for Career and Technical school while in high school.







Steel Center Technical Education (Half Day)

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1 – 3


Steel Center AVTS and Parkway West Career and Technology Center: Students who attend these Vo-Tech Centers can gain a labor market advantage through active learning that meets the expectations of 21st century employers and colleges.  Each program will guide students through rigorous career oriented practical activities reinforced through core academic instruction.  Students’ employability will be further promoted by their opportunity to gain Industry Standard Certifications required by local employers.   Students also have the opportunity to join a Career and Technical Student Organization where they will learn leadership and citizenship principles.  For more information about the opportunities offered at Steel Center, please visit www.scavts.net and www.parkwaywest.org.

PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION PROGRAMS OF STUDY – In accordance with the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (Act), all Postsecondary Institutions receiving funds under the Act are required to award college-level credit or equivalent clock hours to a matriculated student and apply that credit toward the completion of the approved Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Program of Study, leading to an industry-recognized credential or certificate at the postsecondary level, or an associate or baccalaureate degree. The purpose of this Agreement is to ensure that students make the transition from a school entity (Steel Center) to another school entity, college or university or a business/industry without experiencing delays in or duplication of learning. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions for the awarding of college-level credit or equivalent clock hours to students who complete the approved PDE Program of Study at a Secondary School so that those students can seamlessly continue their education in a related Program of Study at a Postsecondary Institution.  This agreement outlines the general conditions between secondary and postsecondary institutions.