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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Bethel Park Online Academy

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Click here to see our COVID-19 dashboard, which was developed almost entirely by Bethel Park High School students. 
The Bethel Park Online Academy (BPOA) is an online program offered by the Bethel Park School District that delivers accredited curriculum over the web.

It's School That Fits The Way You Learn
Busy schedules.  Part-time jobs. Currently homeschooled.  Unique learning styles.  When it comes to school, today's students have different needs.  Introducing The Bethel Park Online Academy.  Now students can take all the classes they need to graduate, online, with one-on-one help from Pennsylvania certified teachers.  Challenging curriculum with real support to earn a real diploma.  At no cost to you.

Who Is It For?
Whether you have a student who is charging ahead or falling behind, The Bethel Park Online Academy can provide self-paced assistance.

Our program is available to all students in grades K-12 who are:
• Students who are highly motivated and willing to take responsibility for their learning;
• At-risk students who need special attention;
• Traditional students looking for choices;
• Accelerated students who want to expand their options;
• Students who need remedial help;
• Students with personal obligations or scheduling constraints.

What Are The Advantages Of BPOA?
• Students take all of their classes online anytime, from anywhere.
• Students have access to a support environment including access to highly qualified, state-certified teachers, counselors, social workers and administrators.
• Online teacher monitor student progress and provide help via phone, email and instant chat.
• Easy-to-access Parent Portal allows parents to monitor student’s progress.
• Students have full access to a broad, internet-delivered curriculum with more than 100 core courses and electives in:
• Math
• Science
• Social Studies
• Health
• Language Arts
• Foreign Language
• Advanced Placement
• Electives
Quick Facts About The Program
• All classes are aligned to Pennsylvania State Education Standards.
• Comprehensive Orientation Program.
• Highly qualified, State-certified teachers.
• More than 100 core courses and electives.
• Grades 3-12.
• Required state testing conducted at Bethel Park schools.
• Bethel Park Diploma awarded and able to participate in BPHS Graduation Ceremony.
• Students are provided a laptop and textbooks.
• Tiered intervention program and trial period to ensure success.
• Eligible to participate in all Bethel Park School District extra-curricular activities.
• Access to Bethel Park Guidance Counselors.
• Access to Bethel Park Social Workers.
• Able to take traditional brick and mortar classes along with cyber classes.
• Access to on-site support services such as tutoring, credit recover and special education services.
• Middle States Accredited.
• Standards-based curriculum.
Want To Learn More?
Contact Brian Lenosky, Director of Cyber/Alternative Learning


Brian Lenosky
Director of Bethel Park Online Academy
110 Woodlet Lane
Bethel Park, PA 15102

Please fill out our Contact Form for more information. 
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