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Gifted Expo Takes Participants 'Around the World'

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If you attended the Bethel Park Elementary Gifted Expo, you needed to bring your passport, as the students took attendees "Around the World!"

Since October, the students have been working on their presentations. First, they selected a country to study and then they began their research to learn as much about the country as possible, including geography, culture, government and currency.

They transferred their findings onto a tri-fold presentation board and prepared an oral presentation which they shared with the attendees at the Gifted Expo, which was held at Lincoln Elementary School. Additionally, they wrote a research paper about their country.

This year 34 students participated, sharing their information about 33 different countries, including Estonia, Nigeria, Mali and the Bahamas.

Here is a list of participating students and their countries:


  • Lillyanna Alston -- Estonia
  • Rena DiOrio -- Nigeria
  • Jack Janosik -- Slovakia
  • Rocco Capozzoli -- Morocco


  • Tommy Guenther -- Chad
  • Deirdre Truver -- Ireland
  • Sophie Willis -- Peru
  • T.J. Burt -- Sweden
  • Ben Campbell -- Russia
  • Harley Dale -- Germany
  • Sarah Jakel -- Brazil
  • James Sipe -- The Phillippines
  • Linus Truver -- Chile
  • Lyla Walsh -- Guatemala


  • Noah Lloyd -- Uganda
  • Samuel Wyant -- Japan
  • Holly McGough -- Canada
  • Gavin Stoehr -- Romania
  • Parker Walton -- Finland
  • Lindsay Gruska -- Namibia
  • Sophia Iorio -- Mozambique
  • Meredith Myers -- South Africa
  • Kalina Tierney -- Argentina


  • Tyler Benlock -- The Bahamas
  • Callee DalBon -- Mali
  • Kuon Verbosky -- China
  • Trey Slavonic -- Croatia
  • Caleb Steele -- France
  • Jing Zhang -- Latvia


    • Jude Nelis -- Iran
    • Samuel Hoppe -- Poland
    • Sadie Nelson -- Mexico
    • Ella Milliken -- Italy
    • Aidan Sullivan -- Ireland
    The students were prepared for this event by Bethel Park Elementary Gifted Coordinator Lisa Yost. Assisting at this year's Gifted Expo were 20 Bethel Park High School National Honor Society students, who participated in the Gifted Expo when they were elementary students.

    Please click here to see some photos from this year's Gifted Expo.